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Claire D'Aubigne
28 September 2015 @ 03:44 pm
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Claire D'Aubigne
21 February 2011 @ 11:47 am
all right, for the time being, anonymous commenting is off. this is why we can't have nice things.
Claire D'Aubigne
07 February 2011 @ 08:45 pm
I have been getting a ton of spam on this account, and it's getting really old. So for the time being, IP tracking and captcha is on for anonymous comments. Sorry for the extra pain in the ass, and I hope that anon commenters who are legit still take the time to tell me what they think.
Claire D'Aubigne
Title: The First Breath You Take After You Give Up.
Fandom: King of Fighters.
Characters: Kyo Kusanagi; Iori Yagami; Rock Howard; Alba Meira.
Prompt: 068. Lightening.
Word Count: 1,868.
Rating: R.
Summary: Fifth in zombie!Southtown 'verse.
Southtown might be dead and the King of Fighters tournament might have died with it, but that doesn't give us an excuse to waste away to nothing when we have a burden to bear.

Author's Notes: Disclaimer: not mine.
To break myself out of my funk, I packed up my necessities in my laundry bag and left town to recharge my batteries. Who does that remind you of? You'll be glad to see who's come back.
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Claire D'Aubigne
04 August 2010 @ 08:07 pm
A quick note just to reassure anyone who may or may not care that I have not abandoned anything and I have no intention of disappearing off of the face of the planet ever again. Things in my real life (oh my, I have one of those!) suck so hard right now that I can't churn out total crap, much less anything I'd want to stick my name to.

But in the meantime, I've been working on (and deleting, and rewriting, and deleting again) a lot of things:
  • zombie!Southtown part 5: someone decided to stay alive even after everything I put him through! I won't reveal any spoilers, but you should be happy when you see who's decided to be stubborn and survive.
  • Resistance is Flammable part... whatever: I don't know what to say. there's plot development there, but Kyo's being stubborn.
  • some random vampire thing: I'm having a thing with vampires and soulmates and the like, I guess. it's a rather dark interpretation, but I'm hoping it'll have a happy ending, after all.

I'm hoping to have something substatial for you all soon, but to be honest... I can't give a date. Hopefully, soon.
Claire D'Aubigne
Title: Into the Midnight Sun.
Fandom: King of Fighters.
Characters: Terry Bogard.
Prompt: 096. Writer's Choice.
Word Count: 1,478.
Rating: R.
Summary: Fourth in zombie!Southtown 'verse. Terry was, generally speaking, an optimistic guy. But even considering his glass-half-full outlook on the majority of his life, he felt like they were fucked.
Author's Notes: Disclaimer: not mine.
Holy moly, Terry presented a challenge! First off, I know Jeff really died from knife wounds, but this upped my angst factor and I can't see Terry liking guns, besides. Second, writing a character who's known for glass-half-full in the middle of a hopeless zombie apocalypse is a real toughie. But... hopefully, I pulled this off okay. I know it's more introspective, but I think a guy like Terry would worry more about everyone else than himself in a situation like this.

Also, thank you, Terry muse, for being cooperative when literally four other stories knocked me in the head when I started writing this! And thank you to my friends for letting me throw my hands up in the air and say "HOW CAN HE KILL ZOMBIES IF HE WONT USE A GUN!" like I don't even know the answer without looking at me like I'm too crazy, and then gently using the clue bat upon my head to help me work past the problem.
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Claire D'Aubigne
Title: The Elephant in the Room.
Fandom: King of Fighters.
Characters: Iori Yagami; Kyo Kusanagi; Rock Howard; Alba Meira.
Prompt: 087. Life.
Word Count: 2,022.
Rating: R.
Summary: Third in zombie!Southtown 'verse. Quarantine had stopped feeling safe (maybe nothing would ever feel safe again).
Author's Notes: Disclaimer: not mine.
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Claire D'Aubigne
Title: Resistance is Flammable.
Fandom: King of Fighters.
Characters: Iori/Kyo, primarily; various characters throughout.
Rating: R.
Summary: November Novel.

I got straight up cruel and left a cliffhanger at a mean spot. I'm sorry. Here's the next chapter... if anybody's even still around to read the crap I produce.

I don't know if this story itself is coming close to an end, but I feel the end of the arc, at least. Maybe it will have a sequel...? Either way, when this is wrapped up, there will probably be more story to tell. (New Moon of Fighters?)

Chapter Thirteen.
Word count for this part: 1,781.
Total word count: 21,975.

get inside kyo's head in part one
witness the fateful meeting in part two
iori holds all the cards in part three
the clue bat makes an appearance in part four
that's not his destiny kyo is grasping in part five
iori encourages the bad boy in part six
kyo makes an important decision in part seven
iori tells a bedtime story in part eight
there's a lover's spat in part nine
kyo grows a backbone in part ten
terry is an unexpected friend in part eleven
iori reads twilight in part twelve

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Claire D'Aubigne
Title: let these swift roads destroy themselves.
Fandom: King of Fighters.
Characters: Iori/Kyo; implied Saisyu/Kyo non-con.
Prompt: 076. Who?.
Word Count: 908.
Rating: NC-17.
Summary: Kyo has his own way of coping with his past. There is male/male sex and implied incest in this; please take caution. Thanks.
Author's Notes: Disclaimer: not my batch of sugar cookies. Again, warnings apply. This goes with Misery Loves Company.
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Claire D'Aubigne
Title: 1994; Chapter 1 of ?.
Fandom: King of Fighters.
Characters: Iori/Kyo.
Word Count: This chapter: 1,659; total: 1,659.
Rating: R.
Summary: Apparently Iori's magatama grated wishes. When he wakes up in 1994, will he be able to figure out what, exactly, happened? Time travel; AU; no spoilers--early canon divergence.
Author's Notes: Disclaimer: not my pond.

So I found this little gem lurking away on my computer, barely started... and randomly decided to continue it. I'm not sure if I'll keep it going... let me know if you like it and I'll put it in the rotation! :)

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